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Bob_2k [review] [sold] 09 Apr 2003 11648 A reciprocal review probably exists. POSITIVE
I sold rprata a Belkin 4-port KVM. We had some problems with the Postal MO (he sent it twice, but I guess the post office kept losing it....). But after about several weeks, we decided to give up on the MO, and he just sent me some money via C2IT. Good guy, good communication, I don’t blame him for the delay, it was out of his control. We got it all worked out...Review Timestamp: 09 Apr 2003 10:32

snipboy [review] [bought] 12 Mar 2003 11531 A reciprocal review probably does not exist. Request a reciprocal review. NEUTRAL
I bought a Netgear WAP and PCMCIA NIC from Rprata. The transaction was complicated by several factors. The first one was that he wrote my address down incorrectly on the first airbill. When it was returned, his associate resent it ground, but rprata told me he was sending it air express. It took almost a month to get it to me overall. Communication was dodgy and I felt like I was getting the runaround. Ultimately I wasn’t. I did receive the equipment in good working order. I scored low on Honesty because of the ground/air express issue. I hate to do that, but it really burned me. Rprata did attempt to make amends, and I honestly believe he is a good trader, I just think there were factors that made this particular deal a screw up.

I would trade with rprata again, but I would ask for delivery first before paymentReview Timestamp: 01 Apr 2003 11:09

stormwolf [review] [traded] 07 Jan 2003 9926 A reciprocal review probably exists. POSITIVE
He had a Pc and wanted a mac I had a mac and wanted a pc. Great person to deal with. He kept in touch everyday. My stuff needed two boxes to ship, he offered to pay for one of them. Two computers cross shipped 2day with deal done in a little more than that.

Would trade/buy/sell from him again

thanks for a great tradeReview Timestamp: 07 Jan 2003 17:00