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DrCreep [review] [bought] 20 Oct 2005 $300.00 25402 A reciprocal review probably does not exist. Request a reciprocal review. NEUTRAL
Madferret offered up a server he was parting out, so I went ahead and inquired about a majority of the system (2 cpus, mobo, 2Gb DDR, 2 6Gb hdd's, psu, antec case) on Oct 20.

Initial communication was very smooth. Despite some trouble he apparently had recently, I felt that it was just something that came and went (it can happen to all of us) and decided to go through with the deal.

He was asking $300 shipped for the server, and we agreed on $260 shipped, plus a TurboRat guitar pedal in partial trade.

He emailed me and let me know the server shipped out, so I went ahead and paypal'd the money over to him. Several days passed, and I noticed that he had claimed the money from paypal, but had not sent me a tracking number like he said he would. I tried repeatedly to contact him, but had no such luck. During this time, I informed Madferret through voice and email messages that I was going to hold off sending the guitar pedal until I heard back from him.

I tried to reach the Agora mods, and TangleWeb was very helpful in the situation. Madferret did end up emailing the mods to tell them something had come up, but he was handling the situation. Two more occaisions came and passed in which I had been told the server was shipping and it didn't.

I finally received word from TangleWeb that a friend of Madferret's (using Madferret's email account) indicated that the server (along with other items intended for other buyers) had shipped. I finally received a tracking number the day the server arrived. The message from Madferret through his friend was to not worry about sending the guitar pedal due to all the inconvenience.

The server did arrive after about three weeks, but it did come just as described, clean and reasonably well packaged. I've experienced no problems with it whatsoever. I've been quite pleased with my purchase.

I've still not heard back from Madferret. I've been trying to contact him as I feel it is still appropriate for me to send him his guitar pedal. It was part of the deal. Though delayed, he kept his side. I intend to keep the other part of mine.

I understand that things can happen in real life that simply puts a deal like this on the backburner. In situations like these, communication is key. I understood from the subject line that Madferret was going through some rough times. But when he disappeared, I feared the worst. Had he called me and simply stated that some things outside of his control had come up, I would have had no problems giving him the time he needed.

I am giving Madferret a positive reference for this deal. Despite the problems, I do still believe that his intentions were good and had nothing come up for him, none of these problems would have happened. I spoke to him at length over the phone and I was impressed by his character. I still can't stress how important communication is in these types of situations, especially when there is the possibility of delay.

From a buyer's prospective, this sort of situation is very frustrating. I would suggest to near-future buyers that they ask Madferret to send first before payment is made... Or if nothing else, make sure you have a tracking number first.

Madferret, if you read this, I hope things are looking better for you. There's no hard feelings here, I won't have a problem doing business with you again sometime. Please contact me when you get a chance, I still have a TurboRat here with your name on it. Review Timestamp: 05 Dec 2005 13:57

Hagbeard [review] [bought] 11 Oct 2005 $80.00 26623 A reciprocal review probably does not exist. Request a reciprocal review. NEGATIVE
On Oct 11, 2005, Joe and I struck a deal for two 120GB hard drives for $80. He said he would fdisk and chkdsk the drives to be sure they would be ok, but he wouldn't be able to ship until the following Friday (3 days later). I Paypal'd him the money.

A week after he said he would ship he emailed me saying he was sorry, things came up, but he'd be able to ship the next day and he'd throw in a 40GB drive to make up for the delay. I said ok.

Another 10 days passed and nothing, so I wrote him again but didn't get a response. The drives showed up a month later, and a 40GB drive was included as promised. However, one of the 120GB drives was DOA. I wrote him asking how he wanted to proceed. I never got a response, so three weeks after that email I forwarded the same email to him and finally got a response. He said he could ship another, but it would have to be after Christmas. I said ok.

After no response to emails in January, Ars mods were involved and got a response in February, and he said he forgot to ship. As of March 31 I still have a dead drive and AFAIK he's been banned forum-wide on Ars.

Review Timestamp: 31 Mar 2006 16:47

Moderator Response:
Madferrett (Joe Ferreira) was banned from the entire Ars Openforum Community on March 23rd, 2006 for repeated & consistently poor trading practices. As of April 7th, 2006 he STILL hasn't replaced the failed drive mentioned in this feedback post.

~Dave (TangleWeb) [07 Apr 2006 04:14]

izzelsizzel [review] [bought] 25 Jul 2005 $100.00 24217 A reciprocal review probably exists. POSITIVE
Bought a mpx200 from him. Delievered when promised, even shipped priority mail at his cost. thanks dude!Review Timestamp: 25 Jul 2005 21:35

GodOfEmptiness [review] [bought] 06 May 2005 $160.00 23621 A reciprocal review probably does not exist. Request a reciprocal review. NEGATIVE
On Friday May 6th I agreed to purchase a used slim model PS2 + 8MB memory card, extra dualshock controller, and PS2 component video cables from Joe. I paid him immediately that day via paypal. He said he would ship on Monday May 9th.

A week later on about May 13th he let me know via email that he had given the item to his wife to ship but that she forgot to ship it, and said that on May 16th, the following Monday he would ship it overnight or 2-day to me to rectify this I was expecting it to arrive on May 17th or 18th.

I waited a couple more weeks with no further communication from Joe, despite repeated email efforts on my part, no tracking # given to me, or any information that indicated the item had been shipped. I saw he had been temporarily suspended on the Agora and I though I'd been scammed.

I filed a complaint with paypal over the $160 payment and on May 31st received a response from paypal with a fedex tracking # and no other information.

Checking fedex the item was shipped out on June 1nd and it arrived at my home June 7th. The PS2 and accessories were in good condition and good packing materials were used.... but 30+ days post payment for the goods to arrive and a total lack of communication from Joe was experieneced.

I cannon in good faith leave anything but negative feedback and would never personally trade again with this person.Review Timestamp: 10 Jun 2005 08:29

Zakar [review] [sold] 29 Apr 2005 $200.00 23377 A reciprocal review probably does not exist. Request a reciprocal review. NEGATIVE
this guy is a joke...first he says the moneys out, then he tells me he's sending the phone back because he cant afford he tells me he's sending money...nothing has arrived...this deal started april is now may 19th...

wont answer emails...and the ars mods are of no help anymore...I've already filed a report here: Timestamp: 19 May 2005 22:55

Flavius [review] [bought] 20 Feb 2005 22315 A reciprocal review probably does not exist. Request a reciprocal review. NEGATIVE
While I'd never wish a bad event on anyone, I certainly hope Joe has a better excuse for taking my pittance of a sum...$12...and not delivering the items sold. Gave me a half-assed excuse about an improperly transcribed address on his end causing a shipping delay, then promised to send USPS priority w/ confirmation for the mistake. Never received the items, and never heard from Joe again.

NOT TO BE TRUSTED, AND A PEE-POOR TRADER! BEWARE!!!Review Timestamp: 20 Feb 2005 15:49

Kaji [review] [bought] 14 Jan 2005 21861 A reciprocal review probably does not exist. Request a reciprocal review. POSITIVE
Bought 3 Microsoft "S" Xbox Controllers from Joe. Everything came packed well, and communication was perfect. Thanks again!Review Timestamp: 21 Jan 2005 00:18

mooseman [review] [bought] 06 Feb 2004 16764 A reciprocal review probably exists. POSITIVE
Madferrett was great to deal with. He's very cautious when describing the condition of what he sold me.

Definitely deal with again.Review Timestamp: 11 Feb 2004 11:52

SuperDave [review] [bought] 21 Nov 2003 15663 A reciprocal review probably exists. POSITIVE
I bought Vice City from Joe. He shipped quickly, tracked the package, and used recycled packaging. Can't beat that. :)Review Timestamp: 21 Nov 2003 16:23

conj [review] [sold] 21 Nov 2003 15737 A reciprocal review probably does not exist. Request a reciprocal review. POSITIVE
I sold him a dvd player. He paid the total amount upfront via paypal. Good communication and prompt payment...I would deal with him again.Review Timestamp: 25 Nov 2003 13:33

Dsummer [review] [sold] 03 Apr 2003 11563 A reciprocal review probably exists. POSITIVE
Fast payment wiithout hassle, good communication, hope to deal with him very soon!Review Timestamp: 03 Apr 2003 17:12

tangluva [review] [bought] 27 Feb 2003 10990 A reciprocal review probably exists. POSITIVE
Bought a Sony MVC-P50 Digital Camera w/ 64MB Memory Stick and Li-Ion Battery w/ Charger from Madferrett (Joe). I requested overnight service, and he said fine. After a couple of days from the package being sent (came within the next day, but I wasn’t at home, so they held it until I picked it up), I tried it out and it worked great, so I sent his MO. No problems here! (Notice all criteria as 10’s. ;+) )Review Timestamp: 27 Feb 2003 08:44

mikeyk [review] [bought] 27 Feb 2003 11012 A reciprocal review probably exists. POSITIVE
Bought a barebones machine, USPS lost machine for a couple of weeks, but we wroked through the problem. Was quick to respond to my concerns and contacted USPS to help find missing shipment. Would definately deal with again.Review Timestamp: 27 Feb 2003 22:22

Nuts4GTS [review] [bought] 13 Jan 2003 10059 A reciprocal review probably exists. POSITIVE
Joe sent me a pair or 8MB videocards. Items were as described. Top-notch transaction from start to finish!Review Timestamp: 14 Jan 2003 10:54

mudboy [review] [sold] 06 Jan 2003 9912 A reciprocal review probably exists. POSITIVE
Sold Madferrett a stick of laptop RAM, everything went nice and smooth. Would definitely trade with again!Review Timestamp: 06 Jan 2003 22:17

222 1/3 evil [review] [sold] 07 Dec 2002 9439 A reciprocal review probably exists. POSITIVE
Bought my 8500 le good deal paid up front!Review Timestamp: 07 Dec 2002 11:12