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copygod [review] [bought] 14 May 2003 14669 A reciprocal review probably does not exist. Request a reciprocal review. NEGATIVE
i think i've had sufficient time to cool off over this (it's been four months now...), so i'll try to write a fair review of a purchase that never happened.

5/13 - contacted grunge about buying a GF4/Ti4200 for $90, he needed the money quickly (bad sign) so that he could buy a motherboard.

5/14 - paypalled $90 in an e-check to him, it would take 4-5 business days to process, so i told him to refund it and i'd send the $75 cash that i had in paypal and send the remaining $15 as soon as it hit paypal. this was agreeable to him (he suggested it), and so i sent the $75 and went to work. Later that night i noticed that the name on his email account was a name listed in the agora of someone ripping people off using another members account. i got worried and emailed a mod, who said to get my money back. i spent the evening fighting paypal's complaint service.

5/15 - three emails from two mods, and i find out that grunge had been arrested shortly after his email to me at 8:42am on 5/14. NOT GOOD.

5/19 - my eCheck goes through to grunge, still trying to fight paypal over this.

5/22 - grunge refunds the $90 eCheck, but does nothing about the $75 paypal that i sent him.

5/31 - another email from a third mod confirming that he was arrested on a parole violation and that there was a thread going on how to get your money back (good luck) over at anandtech, where he did most of his trolling.

6/11 - regarding the $75 in paypal cash, paypal sends me this... "Our investigation has determined that the seller is at fault, and we have recovered your funds. $1.64 has been credited to your account. This is the maximum amount we were able to recover. Please allow up to 5 days for this adjustment to be reflected in your account."

Needless to say i'm not happy with paypal or with grunge at this point, as i'm still out $73.36 over the whole matter.

I will NOT trade with grunge again, and it disturbs me that this will be the only negative post that he has in beerology. also, i'm not very happy with the fact that this was a long-standing member of ars with a few good references. i did my homework and was still burned because he was doing crooked things on other boards using someone elses beerology. as the agora guidelines say, caveat emptor, buyer beware.Review Timestamp: 15 Sep 2003 18:41

palmberg [review] [bought] 10 May 2003 12318 A reciprocal review probably does not exist. Request a reciprocal review. POSITIVE
Grunge is very fair and friendly. He handled my (unintentional) misleading e-mail with good humor. It was appreciated. Pleasure to deal with.Review Timestamp: 10 May 2003 20:43

sub_zero [review] [bought] 01 May 2003 12119 A reciprocal review probably exists. POSITIVE
I bought 2 sticks of DDR from grunge for a hell of a price and it arrived quickly and he even helped out after wards too,great person to deal with.

I recommend him to everyone..

Thanks again !!!!!Review Timestamp: 01 May 2003 20:29

StanFL [review] [traded] 30 Apr 2003 12106 A reciprocal review probably exists. POSITIVE
Grunge swapped Nascar2003 with me for my Suse 8.0. He shipped promptly and it arrived well packed. Overall a pleasant experience dealing with Grunge.Review Timestamp: 30 Apr 2003 23:50

JackOfSpeed [review] [sold] 07 Oct 2002 8225 A reciprocal review probably exists. POSITIVE
I sold grunge an ATI Radeon. After posting first dibs, he was a little slow to follow up. Otherwise, he was very easy to deal with and even added a a few $$$ for accepting paypal. I originally wanted a MO.

Great trade.Review Timestamp: 07 Oct 2002 10:44

Wadely [review] [sold] 01 Oct 2002 8108 A reciprocal review probably exists. POSITIVE
I sold grunge a copy of GTA3 for PayPal funds. Payment was swift and communication was good. Would do business with him again any time!Review Timestamp: 01 Oct 2002 20:32

Elle [review] [bought] 19 Sep 2002 7970 A reciprocal review probably exists. POSITIVE
grunge sold me a flawless Playstation2 bundle, and kindly included two games for no additional cost. He’s a great guy, and I wouldn’t hesitate to trade with him again.Review Timestamp: 24 Sep 2002 09:25