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colm [review] [bought] 03 Jul 2003 13394 A reciprocal review probably does not exist. Request a reciprocal review. NEGATIVE
Don't deal with this user. He's currently suspended from the agora over a DVD deal where he screwed me.

I paypal'd him the money and to this date(~1.5 months later) nothing has arrived.

If he comes back and makes amends I'll edit this review to say so, but extreme caution would still be warranted.Review Timestamp: 03 Jul 2003 17:15

Zathrasater [review] [bought] 31 Dec 2002 10245 A reciprocal review probably does not exist. Request a reciprocal review. POSITIVE
Bought a Parhelia and picked up in Toronto. Easy transaction, and a good deal.Review Timestamp: 24 Jan 2003 13:55

Saint [review] [bought] 30 Jul 2002 6899 A reciprocal review probably exists. POSITIVE
Purchased Canon A40 digital camera .

Shipping was fast, no complaints.

Good communication, answered all emails.Review Timestamp: 30 Jul 2002 20:15

Polyester [review] [bought] 15 Jul 2002 6688 A reciprocal review probably does not exist. Request a reciprocal review. NEGATIVE
I bought a digital camera from Rubber Soul, and while I did receive it eventually (after a month and a half), this was one of the most difficult transactions I’ve had in the Agora. Some justification is needed for these low marks, so bear with me - this is going to be pretty long:

Communication: Originally I overnighted him a money order in exchange for cross-shipping the camera. When the MO didn’t arrive the next day, rather than asking me to furnish proof or a tracking number (which I could have done immediately, and did so later), he had the camera recalled. After that, contacting him was like finding a needle in a haystack: I generally needed to email him several times to multiple addresses, wait a few days, and even once had to post a thread in the Agora to get his attention before he would respond to my questions.

Shipping: The first camera, which he recalled, returned to him broken. Another camera vanished into the postal system, never to be seen again. Two more tries were returned for invalid addresses. None of these were sent with tracking information, despite my repeated requests. Only after I specifically requested, step-by-step, UPS shipping with tracking, did he use it, and the camera arrived without incident shortly thereafter. Maybe it’s personal preference, but I really cannot understand why anyone would send expensive equipment through the mail without some sort of tracking, both for personal gain (collecting insurance if it gets lost) and courtesy (being able to tell the receiver what’s going on.) Failing to do so is, IMO, unacceptable, and this sale was a textbook case as to why. Additionally, the camera arrived with no protection whatsoever; just the actual box, with a shipping label stuck onto it.

Overall, I was left with a terribly bad taste in my mouth from this trade. Rubber Soul is not a troll, but just did not (in my opinion) come across as a good trader. Maybe my experience is the exception rather than the rule, having not seen any other complaints, which I hope is true for his sake.

Chance [review] [bought] 29 May 2002 5847 A reciprocal review probably does not exist. Request a reciprocal review. POSITIVE
I didnt really buy anything from him, but I wanted to comment regarding our attempted transaction. I was trying to buy a digital camera from him, but due to my stupidity, it took 2 weeks for him to get the check, and by that time I didnt need the camera anymore. The communciation between us was great, and he was more than patient with the situation. A really classy guy.