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View Feedback: Dave Anderson

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Dave Anderson [review] [bought] 24 Mar 2002 4812 A reciprocal review probably exists. POSITIVE
Bought a laptop hard drive from Dave. Communication was initially good, but it became a little sparse after I payed. The drive took about three weeks to arrive, mostly I would assume to it being shipping media mail. I did not find this out until two weeks had passed, as I received only one belated reply to three emails. Fortunately, the drive’s packaging was superb and it arrived in working shape.

skipsjh [review] [sold] 19 Mar 2002 4710 A reciprocal review probably does not exist. Request a reciprocal review. POSITIVE
The transaction went well, except that I messed up and sent the package UPS instead of USPS. Would sell/buy/trade with Dave Anderson again.