Beerology Beerology FAQ's

Beerology FAQ's

2003/05/28 22:11 - Beerology FAQ's [mudboy]

When and why was Beerology started?
Beerology was started in early 2000 so that the Ars Technica Agora Classifieds had a focused and reliable review mechanism solely for its members.

Why is Beerology only for Ars Technica users?
Primarily because Ars is my primary online hangout, and because it's got a lot of great people.  Many of the other boards I visit are either very focused on one specific aspect of computers, or are not very friendly places to spend online time.

Why is it called Beerology?
I had a couple of domains at my disposal at the time,, which is a domain with my family name, and, which I had originally intended to build an online beer tasting notebook site for.  Well, Ruckelshaus is pretty difficult to spell, so I used Beerology instead.  The name has kind of stuck since then.

OK, I use Ars Technica's Forums, why should I use Beerology?
Well, there's no requirement, and there are a number of other good sites for user reviews, such as Heatware.  However, Beerology is a recognized and respected source of user reviews, and the vast majority of experienced Agora traders use Beerology extensively.  There are also other compelling reasons; I think Beerology has better functionality than other sites, it gives users more (and more useful) information, and it's easier to use.  While I am really not trying to have Beerology in a competition with the review other sites out there, I am trying to make this the best review site on the web.

What do I need to do to sign up?
First, you need to be a registered member of Ars Technica.  If you don't have an Ars ID and a valid email address that matches the one in your Ars Technica profile, you won't get an account.  If you are a registered member of Ars Technica's forums, you can sign up for a Beerology account here.  Once your request has been approved automatically, by myself or by one of the mods, you'll receive your password via email (that's why it's important to have a valid email address).

I'm having a problem with Beerology.  What should I do?
For general problems with a trade, contact the mods.  I'm not a mod, and I don't want to be one.

If you are in the Beerology database, but have never received your password, it's probably because there's an old email address in the database.  Update your Ars profile address and then email me with your Ars ID, I'll reset your email address to the good one and email your password to you.

If you are in the Beerology database and have forgotten your password, go here, enter your email address, and select the "Forgot password" box.  Submit the form, and you will receive your password via email.

For other problems with Beerology, email me.  My address is in the footer of every page.

I don't like the feedback that someone left for me.  Will you change or delete it?
No.  I am a neutral third party and will fight tooth and nail to remain that way -- it's one of the things that makes Beerology the reliable source of information that it has become; my neutrality in all disputes insures this.  I will, however, edit or delete feedback at the request of either the person who left the feedback, or at the request or suggestion of the current Ars Technica Agora Classified moderators.  In any event, you are able to leave a public response to any single piece of feedback.  False or retailiatory feedback is frowned upon and may result in administrative action such as temporary or permanent banning from's services.

I changed my Ars nickname.  What do I do?
Email me.  I can change your nickname in the database, and all of your reviews under your old name will be "transferred" over to your new nickname automatically.

I screwed up a review.  What do I do?
Generally, if the screwup is minor and doesn't involve chaging a score or deleting a review, emailing me with all details will get it taken care of.  However, if the problem should involve the mods, I'll ask you to email them about the problem first.

Who pays for Beerology?
I pay for all hosting for Beerology out of my pocket (about $40/mo) as well as domain registration.  I do get some individual contributions from users to help defray costs, but those contributions don't come close to covering the cost of running the site.  While donations are absolutely not compulsory, they are appreciated, and can be made in the form of Non-CC PayPal contributions (my account address is pruckelshaus [@]  There is also a "Donate" link in the navigation to the right, clicking that will donate $1.  If you want to contribute but don't want to use PayPal, email me.