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Privacy Policy

2005/05/11 19:36 - Privacy Policy [mudboy]

The goal of's Privacy Policy is simple: to keep your information safe.  To these ends, we do the following:

  • We store minimal contact information in our database - Ars user ID, email address, first name, last name, and a free form (and completely optional) "Contact Info" field.  You are wholly responsible for the information that is placed in this contact info field.
  • The only two required pieces of information are a valid email address and your Ars Technica user ID.
  • Your email address and the information contained in the free-form contact info field is only available to other logged-in users of
  • will NEVER sell or otherwise disclose your information to third parties.
  • employs cookies for those users who choose to not have to log in each time they access the site. 
  • The server technology that employs uses cookies for session tracking.
  • You have full access to your personal information so that you can keep it up to date.
  • Anyone attempting to circumvent the privacy policy or otherwise access information in a nefarious or unlawful manner will be permanently banned from the use of this site.
  • reserves the right to log transactions on this site for security and auditing purposes.

Any questions regarding's privacy policy should be addressed to the site administrator.