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2013/12/10 10:50 - Maintenance Mode [mudboy]

 As you can tell by the lack of updates, the Beerology/Ars Technica trader feedback database is basically in maintenance mode.  I will address any urgent issues as time allows.

2009/08/07 19:28 - Back in business [mudboy]
The validation API that Ars Technica had provided for me for years went through some changes, which meant I was dead in the water as far as new user approvals was concerned. Well, it's back up and we're back in business, and I went through the backlog of users awaiting approval. So, if you signed up recently and haven't gotten an email with your password, please sign up again, making sure that you're using the user ID that you log into the Ars Technica Open Forums with.
2006/04/07 13:19 - Traders to Watch list updated [mudboy]
The Traders to Watch listing has been updated.
2006/02/01 16:23 - Advertising [mudboy]

Well, Google ads haven't been working out.  For some reason, they think there was some click fraud, so they have stopped paying me for clickthroughs.

If you are interested in advertising on Beerology, please shoot me an email (click the "email me" link at the bottom of the page).  I haven't come up with a rate yet, but I'll keep things affordable...I'm just trying to cover the cost of hosting.